Daiwa Accudepth LC Line Counter Reel

Daiwa Accudepth LC Line Counter Reel

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BRAND: Daiwa
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The Daiwa Accudepth LC Line Counter Reel is a precision tool designed for controlled trolling and precise depth measurement. Equipped with a line counter, it allows anglers to accurately monitor line deployment, crucial for maintaining consistent trolling depths and targeting specific fish zones. Featuring Daiwa's quality construction, including a sturdy frame and durable components, this reel offers reliability and performance in challenging fishing conditions. With smooth drag operation and ergonomic design, the Accudepth LC ensures comfortable and efficient fishing experiences, making it a trusted choice for anglers pursuing a variety of freshwater and saltwater species.

Model Weight Gear Ratio Bearings J Braid Cap. Mono Cap.
ACDP15LCB 12.7 5.1 1BB 30/330, 40/220 10/290,12/250,14/200
ACDP20LCB 15.7 4.2 1BB 40/330, 50/260 12/450,14/360,20/210
ACDP40LCB 16.9 4.2 1BB 40/450, 50/370 14/480,20/280,25/230
19.2 6.1 1BB 20/580, 25/430, 30/330 50/650, 65/550

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