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The Jackall TN Disk Knocker has a unique sound to catch the attention of unaware big bass. In pressured water the deeper knocking sound drives fish to bite it without hesitation. You can switch between the two Jackall TN models so the fish do not get tired of the same sound. It has the same tungsten weight as the original TN on the bottom lip and it allows the bait to swim level at the slowest possible retrieve but also to stand straight up when stopped, making it harder to snag up than traditional lipless crankbaits. With the same action as the original TN, you can fish it many ways.


Thin Disk Weight

The thin disk weight hits the side of the lure creating a unique sound to draw bass to strike.




Model Length Weight Type
TN/60 2.4" (60.96mm) 1/2oz (14g) Sinking
TN/70 2.8" (71.12mm) 5/8oz (17.5g) Sinking

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